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India Travel Blog 02 - The Art of Discovery


Traveling with the team along with @thechosenkhan (pictured above, photo credit: Vrinder Sangha, @visuals.byv), @mannym59 (photo below) and the rest of the crew to some of India’s most prolific historic areas has led to some eye opening discoveries discussions.Its easy to judge something from a far, take information from the internet, or even a friend- but there is nothing quite like experiencing it for yourself. What better way to gain knowledge than being present in the moment, in the very place searching for the information you seek.

In making art you court the unknown, and with it the paranoia of those who fear what change might bring.
— Art & Fear (book)

experience the rewards of uncovering the unknown

Discovery can be a scary thing, its not easy to embark into uncharted waters, and being the first few to blaze a trail. Holding a torch in darkness can be a daunting task, but to experience the rewards of uncovering the unknown- you have to be ready and willing to take the risks. Its certain you will take a few detours as you make your way, but that shouldn’t stop you. The pursuit of discovery is a essentially a byproduct of asking questions, making mistakes, and taking a few wrong turns along the way. These are the moments when you truly learn about yourself.


You cant discover if you aren’t willing to explore.

The only way to break through a plateau is to push yourself out of the zones of comfort you rely on. The same is true for your body, switching up your fitness routine and activating those muscles that havent been worked follows the same theory; just like any other muscle the mind can be worked and trained in the same way. Just as someone else cant train your body for you, they cant arrive at conclusions, walk the walk, and experience for you, but what they can do is illuminate the path that lies in front of you, ultimately its up to you to take a step forward.

Going after what you believe and searching for truth isnt meant for everyone, but those who embark on their own journey will reap one of life’s greatest, self discovery.

@mannym59 Photo: Manvinder Dhak @lastmanonearth

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