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EMPIRE (2019) - Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Our upcoming documentary project will be chronicling the Sikh Empire. An inclusive empire that spanned multiple casts religions and walks of life. This documentary aims to shed light on the hidden history that has been forgotten.

When Ranjit Singh arrived on the outskirts of Srinagar, once a Mughal stronghold held by a ruthless leader the people championed Ranjit Singh’s arrival- in a move never seen before, the people of Srinagar aided the invading Sikh Army.

The overwhelming majority populace of Srinagar would have much rather been a part of Ranjit Singh’s empire than live under an oppressive ruler. They aided his army with food, supplies, and maps to help defeat their very own ruler.

They cheered as the Sikh Empire marched and took the stronghold of Hari Parbat. Seldom in history has an invaded land helped the invader, cheering for victory. The stark difference between leaders and rulers is the act of selflessness. Leaders offer true freedom, their values resonate, and beliefes inspire inclusion rather than division.

Embodying these elements, liberating lands from opressive rulers, Maharaja Ranjit Singh refused to wear a crown when he sat on his throne, because everyone in his empire was considered an equal.

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Stay tuned. If you’re interested in this project, would like more information, or would like to get involved, don’t hesitate to message us. 

Gary Chutai @juiceup32 - Director
Manvinder Dhak @lastmanonearth - Director of photography/ editor/ Sound design
Manvinder Dhak @EMPWERmusic -Original score
Vrinder Sangha @vsangha - Actor/ Aerial Cinematography/ Photography
Abubaker Khan @thechosenkhan - Actor/ Producer/ Publicist
Manny Mahal @mannym59 - Actor/ 2nd AD
Indy Mahal @Mahalindy - 1st AD/ Producer
Sunny @sunnysunny1409 - Logistics
Goldy @GoldyRayat -Logistics

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